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A true celebration of “Italianness”.

The heroes of Fabrizio Borraccino’s cuisine are the ingredients, painstakingly sourced from excellent small producers around the country, prepared in such an expert way to exalt their flavours, colours and textures to the maximum.

He loves vegetables and roots, a passion since childhood. For this reason, he does meticulous research, building long lasting relationships with niche suppliers who work the land in first person or respect the animal in its entire life cycle.

He also believes in the power of herbs: from aromatic to wild herbs, they do their magic by giving a new twist to the dish, like spices.

Milan is a huge inspiration for his cooking. “What is this city but a mix of all of Italy? There is so much history, art and culture here, with layers of modernity on top. The vibe is the most cosmopolitan in the country.” While overlooking one of Milan’s rare courtyard gardens guests can follow the seasons and take a sensory journey around Italy, to discover the dishes created with in-season ingredients sourced from Italy’s best producers.


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Chef Fabrizio enlivens the signature Italian dining experience with the tradition and innovations of his native cuisine. Originally from the Abruzzo region, he studied culinary arts in Pescara where he recalls his first look at the school kitchen during student orientation: “It was love at first sight, and I never looked back.

Following graduation, Borraccino headed to northern Italy where he found employment in Tuscany and worked alongside some great master chefs. The region was also a launch pad for travel into Europe, where he gained experience from celebrity chefs including Pierre Gagnaire and Gordon Ramsey in London.

Finally, in 2009, Borraccino landed at Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva, working as Sous Chef for the elegant Italian restaurant Il Lago. 

After this experience, Borraccino left Four Seasons and returned to Italy where, in 2017, he was honoured with his first Michelin star as Executive Chef of a Relais & Chateaux in Chianti.

Borraccino re-joined Four Seasons in Milan in 2019 as Executive Chef, and in July 2021 relaunched the hotel’s flagship restaurant with the name Zelo, a name derived from the Italian for “zeal” which reflects the chef’s tireless passion for painstakingly sourcing the best produce and ingredients for his elegant, delicious dishes.

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